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The rubber sealing strip
       • EPDM rubber seal
       • EPDM foam seal
       • EPDM composite seal
       • Large rubber bumper
       • Dense silicone seal
       • PVC composite steel trim
       • Fire retardant seals
       • Nitrile rubber sealing strip
       • Chloroprene rubber seal
       • Silicone foam seal
       • PVC rubber seal
       • TPE elastomer seal
       • Fire expansion seal
Doors and Windows sealed
       • Aluminum doors and windows sealed
       • Building curtain wall sealing strip
       • Wooden door seal slot
       • Doors of self-adhesive sealed
       • Automatic revolving door seal
       • Frameless glass door seal
       • Cold storage warehouse door seal
       • Fire doors and windows seal
       • Pu foam-coated sealing strip
Series of car seal
       • Molded seals
       • Electric car seal
       • U-car trim
       • Door three composite seal
       • Container Seal
       • Windshield Seal
       • Sponge soundproof seal
       • Retaining the door seal
       • Glass flocking seal
       • Bus seal
       • High Speed Rail train sealing strip
       • Wiper seal
Bin cover seal
       • Cabinet seal
       • Refrigerator seal
       • Cabinet waterproof seal
       • Door seals
       • Oven seal
       • Steam cabinet seal
       • Electric Seal
       • Lip seal
Composite seal
       • Hard and soft compound rubber seal
       • U-edging seal
       • Three composite rubber sealing strip
       • Silica composite seal
       • PVC composite trim strip
       • TPE + PP soft and hard composite seal
       • PVC color composite seal
       • PVC light word sidebar
Insulation sealing
       • Retardant sealing strip
       • Insulation Seal
       • Conductive sealing strip
Hard and soft composite seal
       • EPDM rubber tube
       • Silicone tube
       • Rubber Seals
       • Highways, bridges the gap seal
       • Building deformation joint sealing strip
       • Rubber conveyor belt
       • Rubber, EVA, PE foam board

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 Hebei Qinghe Li Jia Rubber Products Co., Ltd. 

is a manufacturing, processing,import and export trade in the key provincial enterprises. I company is located Yu Hebei province qinghe County, technology park three sheep West Street, traffic developed, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, and 308 State Road, and silver green Highway throughout things, from Shijiazhuang and Jinan airport 150 km, main production has advanced of large ternary b c microwave sulfide line 5 article, and oak plastic extrusion machine 10 Taiwan, and flat sulfide machine 12 Taiwan, and injection machine 3 Taiwan, professional production various material composite extrusion, and single extrusion, Oak plastic products docking forming, injection pieces, molded pieces, standard, O type circle,, years capacity up 5600 tons above. Also offers physical-chemical room, measuring rooms, measuringequipment and all types of seals die more than 30,000 species,…

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EPDM rubber seal
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EPDM foam seal
EPDM foam sea...
EPDM composite seal
EPDM composit...
Large rubber bumper
Large rubber ...
Dense silicone seal
Dense silicon...
PVC composite steel trim
PVC composite...
Fire retardant seals
Fire retardan...
Nitrile rubber sealing strip
Nitrile rubbe...
Chloroprene rubber seal
Chloroprene r...
Aluminum doors and windows  sealed
Aluminum door...
Molded seals
Molded seals
Electric car seal
Electric car ...
Cabinet seal
Cabinet seal
Refrigerator seal
Refrigerator ...
Hard and soft compound rubber seal
Hard and soft...
U-edging seal
U-edging seal
EPDM rubber tube
EPDM rubber t...
Silicone tube
Silicone tube
Rubber Seals
Rubber Seals
Highways, bridges the gap seal
Highways, bri...
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